9/11/05 – Tour Update – New York NY

9/10/05 – Tour Update – West Reading PA
September 10, 2005
9/12/05 – Tour Update – Brooklyn NY
September 13, 2005
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How crazy is it that my first time EVER in New York City was 9/11/05…. it was strange to first come to the city on the 4 year anniversary of 9/11.  but also proud to be able to walk the city streets on that day.  New York was buzzing and I had Billy Joel playing on the ipod as we crossed over into Manhatten.  We’re staying with our good friend Katie in Brooklyn who is so awesome to put us up… I’m really hoping to see my friend Liberty this week too, I haven’t seen him in 2 years or so!

We played in NYC @ The Scenic with our friends and Ashton’s labelmates The Rewinds. It’s so cool to have our brothers from down south on these NY shows… we always have a blast hanging out.

I’m sitting here on South 2nd Street in Brooklyn right now… crazy, isn’t it?  We’re in town through Friday, then making a b-line to Michigan to do some shows and visit my family, which i’m very pumped about!