9/12/05 – Tour Update – Brooklyn NY

9/11/05 – Tour Update – New York NY
September 11, 2005
9/13/05 – Tour Update – New York NY
September 13, 2005
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We played @ Red & Black in Brooklyn tonight… it was another show with Ashton & The Rewinds.  I was the sound guy tonight… Ashton’s set sounded great…. though only one of the main house speakers worked… we got thru it… The Rewinds, being a 4 piece rock band, was tough…. kudos to them for bearing with me and pulling thru the set.. we then went to the West Village w/ Katie and some other friends… hung for a bit then back to Brooklyn… we’re staying with our friend Joe for the rest of the week… super nice guy.

We’re back in NYC and then have wed off before CMJ…  well i’m beat, and its nearly 4:30am… so its time for me to crash… looking foward to doing some of the tourist-y things in NYC this week.