9/20/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL

9/19/05 – Tour Update – Grand Rapids MI
September 19, 2005
9/21/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL
September 21, 2005
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We left Grand Rapids at 10am, then headed to Chicago… had a 2pm lunch with the folks at Aware Records. It was so great to meet Mark and Jenn finally. We then went to FexEx Kinkos where i spent a few hours copying and organizing reciepts to ship off.   we then made our way to our friend Melissa’s house, whom graciously put us up.  after there, headed down to Wise Fools Pub.  the headliner cancelled so Ashton did 2 sets… I got to finally meet our new good friend Laura who  got us 3 nights here in Chicago (you are so awesome!!!)

So this night, i was so tired and out of it… i apparently passed out with the lap top sitting in front of me, trying to get online… and woke up, still dressed, at 7am!   ugh… rough night… more tomorrow