9/21/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL

9/20/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL
September 20, 2005
9/22/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL
September 22, 2005
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Today we had some meetings and such… started out with a migraine… not a good way to start a day… but there was too much on my plate to worry about that. had an interview and some retail walk thrus… then off to Panera for dinner and lap top work…. we then jetted down to Martyr’s for a quick set…  Ashton played from 8pm – 8:30pm… we then jetted to the United Center to go see U2!!!!!!!!!!

It was my first time seeing them…. we had upper bowl seats… but snuck our way down to the floor… and wow it was the seats to have!!   there was some that i was unfamiliar with… but for the most part, knew the songs… we had such a blast….    It’s hard to believe that they were just a hundred feet from us a few hours ago…. I’d love to see them again… so fun.  we’re now hanging out and watching some Nick At Nite. great end to a crabby started day….   tomorrow is our last day in Chicago before we start making out way back to the ATL.