9/22/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL

9/21/05 – Tour Update – Chicago IL
September 21, 2005
9/23/05 – Tour Update – Indianapolis IN
September 23, 2005
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Today was a crazy day… woke up, Ashton did a phoner, and then we headed up to Lake Forest College (north of Chicago) to do a radio interview at 2:30.  Big Sky played there  5 years ago… so it was very nostalgic for Ashton… we had a blast…. then headed back to Chicago for our show tonight @ Lilly’s…  I was the psudeo sound guy tonight for both acts… and the PA there was tough to work with!! eek..  but we got thru, and met some great people as well… exhausted, we hit Taco Bell and crashed…. tomorrow we travel to Indianapolis for a show!   crazy to think that Ashton’s Record is out in 5 days!!