Billy Joel show… my quick review

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Cell Phone = Hell Phone
April 29, 2007
my band: September On – LIVE in Ypsilanti, MI (THIS FRIDAY)!
June 7, 2007
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Just got back from the show… first the setlist:
Billy Joel
May 4, 2007
The Palace – Auburn Hills, MI

Prelude / Angry Young Man
My Life
Everybody Loves You Now
The Entertainer
Captatin Jack (beat out “The Great Wall of China” and “Sleeping With The Television On” in audience choice)
New York State of Mind
Dancing In The Street (Crystal on lead vocals)
Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
An Innocent Man
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Don’t Ask Me Why
She’s Always A Woman
Keeping The Faith
The River of Dreams / Jenny Take A Ride / Old Time Rock And Roll
Highway To Hell
We Didn’t Start The Fire
Big Shot
It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
You May Be Right
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Only The Good Die Young
Piano Man

this is the marquee from outside The Palace.

The show was a lot of fun.. #14 for me…. some shows were drop dead flat and some were fantastic… so all and all it was a good show.   the more flat of the night were “Only The Good Die Young” “The Entertainer” “Keeping The Faith” “Angry Young Man” and “Movin Out.”…. however… “Captain Jack” “She’s Always A Woman” “Everybody Loves You Now” and “An Innocent Man” were the best songs of the night, In my opinion.

I was bummed to see “Sleeping With The Television On” not win the audience choice as I’ve been wanting to hear that song live very badly… however.. “Captain Jack” was one of the best sounding songs of the night… Near capacity crowd… I dont believe that this show sold out.

I Think the t-shirts were better last tour… but more expensive! But I still bought some merch.

I digress…. that’s about it… all and all, good show.