06/16/06 – Madison Heights, MI

06/15/06 – Clarkston / Madison Heights, MI
June 15, 2006
06/17/06 – Madison Heights, MI
June 17, 2006
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Had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon… He says I’m at 100% and can start to resume normal acticity.. I’m very excited about that.

I met up with my friend Tim Smith around 4pm at his studio in Royal Oak..  He and I have bcome good friends recently.. though I”ve known him for over 10 years.  He, more recently had been known as “2 Phat” MC for 2 Phat & The Family Funktion…  He is now playing drums in a great Detroit hard rock band named Zug Izland… We caught up, played some music for each other and just hung out for a few hours..

I then met up w/ Jenny and we went to the store where I bought a baseball mit, baseball, and sneakers.  We then headed to the park and played catch for the next hour or two.. It was so fun. I’m really starting to feel back to 100%