September 27, 2006

09/27/06 – You don’t want the breadsticks!

I got up at 10am to pick my grandma up.  I took her out to Pontiac to the Social Security office to take care of some […]
September 26, 2006

09/26/06 – This is not my cup of tea!

I shipped out some CD orders and ran to Meijer… that was the extent of my day…. not much motivation.  Tomorrow though, I get to see […]
September 25, 2006

09/25/06 – New Beginning

I woke up at 7:30am to see Jenny off and quickly back asleep.  I woke back up a 9 as Ashton, Devin, Micah, and Bret were […]
September 24, 2006

09/24/06 – My 27th Birthday

The last show of the tour was last night… I slept in until about 11am… Today is my 27th Birthday… What a way to end a […]
September 23, 2006

09/23/06 – Tour Update – Holland, MI (last show of tour)

Ashton & I spent the afternoon playing Hot Shots Fore Golf and chatting it up while everybody else relaxed around the house… we grabbed some food […]
September 22, 2006

09/22/06 – Tour Update – Ann Arbor, MI

I left Jenny’s at about 8:30am and headed to the bank, then onto home where Bret and Devin were already out and about. I made some […]
September 21, 2006

09/21/06 – Tour Update – Toronto, Canada (almost)

We left town at noon and headed towards Canada..  got to the border in Port Huron, Michigan.   Had the car and trailer searched and then spent […]
September 20, 2006

09/20/06 – Tour Update – Highland, MI (travel day)

We slept in Bloomington, IL last night… I’m exhausted… but knowing that tonight I get to sleep in my own bed is amazing and enough to […]
September 19, 2006

09/19/06 – Tour Update – St. Louis, MO

I woke up today feeling sick… I tend to get this in the fall when the temperature takes a turn for the cold… and it hit […]