April 10, 2006

04/10/06 – Tour Update – Woodstock, NY

So apparently, I let my battery totally die… which I didn’t realize… so my computer wouldn’t  boot up and I personally thought it was broken… so […]
April 9, 2006

04/09/06 – Tour Update – W. Reading, PA

Woke up and checked out at 2pm… love it… We drove around a bit and then grabbed lunch at an INCREDIBLE diner in W. Reading… we […]
April 8, 2006

04/08/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA

Did a nice radio interview/performance in Teaneck NJ which was a lot of fun.. Ashton played “Something To Say,” “Pretty Pink Rose,” and a little segment of […]
April 7, 2006

04/07/06 – Tour Update – New York, NY

We made it until just about Delaware when we exhausted our energy.. so we pulled into a Motel 6 at about 5am…  didn’t touch our lap […]
April 6, 2006

04/06/06 – Tour Update – Virginia Beach, VA

We rolled into town early and loaded into the Jewish Mother… This is a great club where Big Sky had played once years ago… Anways.. we […]
April 5, 2006

04/05/06 – Tour Update – Charlottesville, VA

We had to get up at 10:30am so managed about 3.5 hours sleep… SO not enough… but we got up and headed over to La Taza […]
April 4, 2006

04/04/06 – Tour Update – Wilmington, NC

We are playing this great venue tonight….  We first rolled into Wilmington around 3pm for an on-air radio interview on 106.7 the Penguin… Ashton performed “Counting […]
April 3, 2006

04/03/06 – Tour Update – Charlotte, NC

We got up and packed the car to leave at 1pm… tonight we played at Dilworth Playhouse Cafe… Great small room with good people… Now it […]
April 2, 2006

04/02/06 – Tour Update – Alpharetta, GA (day off)

Woke up around 11… not quite enough sleep.. Ashton and I spent the day running errands and prepping for our tour. Marlise came by at about […]