October 6, 2006

10/06/06 – Bringing in the dock

So I woke up at 5am… which I do NOT do… anyways.. My dad, friend Danny, and myself left the house at 6:15am and headed north […]
October 5, 2006

10/05/06 – Reconnecting

I left Jenny’s house around 11:30 and headed towards home… I met up with my friend Markus.  We started talking music and about his great band […]
October 4, 2006

10/04/06 – A Day for PJs

I stayed at Jenny’s all day…  I felt like today was a day to just lay in bed… and so that’s what I did… Stayed in […]
October 3, 2006

10/03/06 – Green Lantern

I got down to Jenny’s area around 5:30 and ran around town a bit.  She got home early from class.  We decided to make a 3 […]
October 2, 2006

10/02/06 – A Case of the Mondays

I barely slept last night and felt it all day today… I made it home and decided to practice the drums a bit… a half hour […]
October 1, 2006

10/01/06 – Cider Mills and Bumble Bees

Woke up today… had some bad dreams and didn’t sleep well at all.  It was about noon when I got out of bed.  I made Jenny […]
September 30, 2006

09/30/06 – The key doesn’t fit

We slept in quite late and had a quick breakfast.  We headed to Home Depot to get some things and a spare key made for me […]
September 29, 2006

09/29/06 – Keyser Soze

Left early (about 3pm) to head over to Jenny’s.  I surprised her by mowing her lawn and putting away the cover of her gazebo.  We planted […]
September 28, 2006

09/28/06 – Calling Marvin

I slept WAY late today… 1:15 to be exact..  And headed into Ferndale to a used guitar shop… Today I’m on the hunt for a hard […]