December 7, 2005

12/07/05 – Highland MI

Woke up today and ran out to get some breakfast.. came back and spent the day working on Ashton Allen promo and Myspace.. I then put together […]
December 6, 2005

Listen to a song that i wrote and just recorded!!!

On Saturday, I recorded a song I wrote called “Letting Go” with my good friend Brian Kuzma. I played drums, electric guitar, and sang on this track… […]
December 6, 2005

12/06/05 – Highland MI

Today I wasn’t feeling too hot so i laid low at home for the most part.. I went out to Meijer and picked up part of […]
December 5, 2005

12/05/05 – Highland MI

I went out to E. Lansing today and met up with my friend Donny..  We talked life, music, and about his upcoming The Verve Pipe gig […]
December 4, 2005

12/04/05 – Highland MI

I woke up so early today.. well early for me… My mom and dad woke me up around 10:30… my plans for E. Lansing got shifted […]
December 3, 2005

12/03/05 – Highland MI

Spent the day with Brian jamming and fleshing out some ideas.. we then decided to record my song “Letting Go”  I should have it in a day or […]
December 2, 2005

12/02/05 – Highland MI

So today I finally got my new Michigan driver license..  they issue a paper one until they mail you the real one… That was pretty much […]
December 2, 2005

ASHTON ALLEN – MUSIC VIDEO debut for “Better Than I Know”

Hey friends…  the artist I tour manage, Ashton Allen, has just released his debut music video for the single “Better Than I Know”. CLICK HERE to view […]
December 1, 2005

12/01/05 – Highland MI

Woke up today and began running more errands.. got my birth certificate and such as I’m going to get my new Michigan Driver License tomorrow… Was […]