April 27, 2006

04/27/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

I awoke at 7:40am.. WAAAY to early for me, but I had an appointment w/ my Plastic Surgeon at 9am so I had to hit the […]
April 26, 2006

04/26/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

Ran some errands today.. went to Meijer then down to my Credit Union to deposit some money… I left my house at about 5:30 or so […]
April 25, 2006

04/25/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

I spent the day with Jenny… but it was a working day for me.. I spent a few hours catching up on CD online orders. I […]
April 24, 2006

04/24/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

Woke up today… Jenny took today off from work, so we slept in.. which was so nice… I fixed some bugs on Brian’s new myspace page […]
April 23, 2006

04/23/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

We left Chi town at 11am and made our way home… listened to music and just tried to relax all the way home. we stopped at […]
April 22, 2006

04/22/06 – Tour Update – Chicago, IL

I slept in my bed last night.. it’s so great to be in MI…  we left around 3:30 for Chicago… Got into into town around 7:30 […]
April 21, 2006

04/21/06 – Tour Update – Ann Arbor, MI

I woke up in my own bed!!  yess…   but unfortunately I went to bed just after 5am and woke up at 10am for a Dr. Appointment […]
April 20, 2006

04/20/06 – Tour Update – Bloomington, IN

So today we rolled into Bloomington… Soma Coffeehouse was a really cool room just a low turnout…  I was excited though as tonight we’re driving back […]
April 19, 2006

04/19/06 – Tour Update – Muncie, IN

We woke up in Muncie after yet another nice Super 8 stay…  We ran some errands.. Plato’s Closet, FedEx Kinkos, Jiffy Lube, Boston Market.. Then off […]