August 29, 2006

08/29/06 – Tour Update – Alpharetta, GA (day off)

I woke up at about noon and just hung out at Marlise’s house before showering at 4.. that’s right 4.  My good friend Lisa picked me […]
August 28, 2006

08/28/06 – Tour Update – Birmingham, AL

Got to B’ham at 4pm to do a Podcast interview with Workplay Theatre (way cool) and then headed on to a GREAT new venue called Bottletree […]
August 27, 2006

08/27/06 – Tour Update – Alpharetta, GA (day off)

Made the 6 hour trek back to Atlanta with a stop in Columbia SC for some BBQ.. It was a fun and pretty uneventful drive back.  […]
August 26, 2006

08/26/06 – Tour Update – Mount Pleasant, SC

Left at Noon and the 6 of us headed down towards Mt. Pleasant SC for the gig.  We had a nice little crowd considering it was […]
August 25, 2006

08/25/06 – Tour Update – Decatur, GA

Tonight was the highly anticipated Eddie’s Attic show… I finally had the chance to meet and speak with the legendary Eddie Owen.  He, Bob, and the […]
August 24, 2006

08/24/06 – Tour Update – Atlanta, GA / Lake City, FL

Devin, Ashton, & I dropped the guys off in Lake City at about 2am and headed towards Atlanta.  We stopped at about 6am somewhere south of […]
August 23, 2006

08/23/06 – Tour Update – St. Petersburg, FL

The day was spent at the beach. I swam for an hour or so and walked the beach for another half hour or hour which was […]
August 22, 2006

08/22/06 – Tour Update – Ocala, FL

Back on the road!  We slid into town and set up our gear @ Tin Cup’s in Ocala and went across the street to Harry’s to […]
August 21, 2006

08/21/06 – Tour Update – Mount Dora, FL (day off)

Last day of rehearsals with Devin and things are sounding great.   We are gathering things up as tomorrow we leave for the long haul of the […]