April 29, 2007

Cell Phone = Hell Phone

So I was first made aware of the Palm Treo 600 cell phone in early 2005.  My friend and former touring partner Ashton Allen had gotten […]
April 12, 2007

2 years ago today!

Today marks exactly 2 years since I had my life changing Gastric Bypass Surgery. I sit here in awe of the journey that I’ve made and […]
April 11, 2007

My laptop woes!!

So I have a tale.. a tale of a laptop that has cursed me since before I purchased it. Back in August 2005, while I was […]
March 25, 2007

Songwriting: The Process, The Agony, The Results

Songwriting to me has always been a challenge… I’ve written many over the years… (98% of them were between the age 16 and 21). I wish it […]
March 13, 2007

I’ve Suffered A Head Injury

So about 15 minutes before my shift ended at work… a heavy box slipped out of a coworkers hands and proceeded to fall about 7 feet […]
March 13, 2007

BRAND NEW studio recording of “Letting Go” with my band!

So my band “September On” was so good as to let me bring my song “Letting Go” into the band. Carly Pichini still has to lay […]
March 6, 2007

Hello all…  so my band, September On has been busy these days. As we’re kicking things into high gear… we’ve launched our first offical website….   we […]
February 10, 2007

02/10/07 – Recording the CD (Day 2) – Drum Tracks

I woke up at 9am ready to record… Had to take care of some errands before Chris came over. Chris DuRoss (my bass player & our […]
February 4, 2007

02/04/07 – Recording the CD (Day 1)

So this OFFICIALLY begins the process of recording my band’s first E.P. Headed down to Belleville at 10am in the -3 temperature.  Musicians rehearsing at 11am […]