July 17, 2006

07/17/06 – Highland, MI

Headed back home and caught back up with Ashton before Jenny came over.. We headed over to Circus Circus and grabbed a pizza and headed home […]
July 16, 2006

07/16/06 – Madison Heights, MI

Finally passing out around 3am I woke up on Sunday not feeling well.  So Jenny & I spent the day home just laying in bed and […]
July 15, 2006

07/15/06 – Madison Heights, MI

I stayed at Jenny’s last night.  We woke up and headed for breakfast.  Today is a VERY busy day.. we’re hosting a BBQ at Jenny’s house […]
July 14, 2006

07/14/06 – Highland, MI

Today We got a call from Bret.  He’s in…. so announcing….. The 2006 Ashton Allen Touring line-up: Ashton Allen – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano Bret Hartley […]
July 13, 2006

07/13/06 – Highland, MI

Today Ashton and I had a meeting discussing the upcoming tour.  We have our drummer and bass player already ready to go and had been discussing […]
July 12, 2006

07/12/06 – Highland, MI

Talked with Micah and Ashton about the upcoming tour.  The dates are coming together and we’re all getting excited.  Started touching base with the record label […]
July 11, 2006

07/11/06 – Highland, MI

Some more new tour dates started coming in today and I updates the websites… Pretty quiet day on the home front.
July 10, 2006

07/10/06 – Madison Heights, MI

I dropped my mom and our family friend Diane off at the Detroit Metro airport at about 6am and then drove back over to Jenny’s house […]
July 9, 2006

07/09/06 – Madison Heights, MI

Awoke from yet another great show!  Jenny & I made waffles for breakfast and I packed my things and headed towards home.  My parents and I […]