November 13, 2005

11/13/05 – Atlanta GA

I was supposed to hang out with my friend Mark but ended up burying myself in receipts as i hated having the last bit of tour accounting hanging […]
November 12, 2005

11/12/05 – Atlanta GA

So my dad stayed @ Ben & Kim’s house with me so he didn’t have to get a hotel room.. we parked the car against the […]
November 11, 2005

11/11/05 – Atlanta GA

Today was so hectic…  I picked my dad up at about 9:30am and we started running errands…  did some fix-up stuff to the car and stopped […]
November 10, 2005

11/10/05 – Atlanta GA

First day of not being on tour since July 7th… its strange… so i filled it with tons of errands…   I awoke at 10am for my […]
November 9, 2005

11/9/05 – Tour Update – Nashville TN (last night of tour)

So we landed somewhere in Kentucky at about 6am… and got a day room… for a great rate, we got a room until 3pm…. so ashton […]
November 8, 2005

11/8/05 – Tour Update – St. Louis MO

We only have two days left of the tour!  We rolled into St. Louis early afternoon to go to the St. Louis arch which was phenomenal… I’m […]
November 7, 2005

11/7/05 – Tour Update – Topeka KS

So today is the 4 month anniversary of being on tour! It’s been an incredible journey so far and I’ve had the experiences of a lifetime! So we […]
November 6, 2005

11/6/05 – Tour Update – Denver / Glendale CO

We made it to Grand Junction Colorado before getting our hotel room…  and crashed… we woke up with me not feeling up to par and Ashton sick…. but […]
November 5, 2005

11/5/05 – Tour Update – Provo UT

we rolled into Salt Lake City at about 4pm.. we did an In-store at 5 which went over very well, had a great response tonight…. we […]