October 16, 2006

10/16/06 – On tour this fall w/ Taj Mahal

Yes that headline is true. This fall I will be on tour as the merch guy for Grammy winner and Blues Legend Taj Mahal.  Today at […]
October 15, 2006

10/15/06 – Lazy Sunday

Woke up around noon and hung out all afternoon… We left around 4:30 for a Cracker Barrel dinner… Hadn’t been there in way too long… It […]
October 14, 2006

10/14/06 – Marching Band Competitions & The Sweep!

Jenny was feeling worse today so we did not go to the Wayne State Homecoming Game like planned.  I headed out around 1 and went to […]
October 13, 2006

10/13/06 – Dinner for two

I stayed at Jenny’s house today… only heading out to get some groceries.  She came home not feeling well at all and laid down on the […]
October 12, 2006

10/12/06 – Networking

Left mid-afternoon and ran some errands around Madison Heights.  Met up with Jenny around 6:30.  I got a great job lead and possible touring opportunity today […]
October 11, 2006

10/11/06 – Walled Lake Central Marching Band

I woke up and hit the road… driving around in the rain and getting in a few job applications… Hopefully something will bite soon. I then […]
October 10, 2006

10/10/06 – Chicken ala King

Was a quiet day around the house… I ran out for some groceries and then made my folks and myself a Chicken ala King dinner. I […]
October 9, 2006

10/09/06 – Songwriting

I got back home round noon and made some lunch….  I caught up on some e-mail and cleaning my room… but then decided… I have a […]
October 8, 2006

10/08/06 – Auditions, Applications, and Bike Rides.

I got up at 6am (not cool).. but we were heading home.. Busy day today. I got back to Highland at about noon and tuned around […]