June 30, 2006

06/30/06 – Highland, MI – Alanson, MI (travel to up north)

Today was busy packing and stating to get things ready to go up north today… Jenny was at work while I did my laundry and ran […]
June 29, 2006

06/29/06 – Ann Arbor, MI (Shawn Mullins / Clay Cook, Ari Hest concert)

My good friend Clay Cook has been touring as part of a duo with Shawn Mullins and their tour brought them to Ann Arbor today.  I haven’t seen […]
June 28, 2006

06/28/06 – Madison Heights, MI

Today I took care of some phone calls today and headed towards Jenny’s. I got to her hour about an hour before she got home, so […]
June 27, 2006

06/27/06 – Highland, MI

I slept in today which I very much needed… I sent some emails and practiced the drums… I touched base w/ Matt from Knee Deep Shag […]
June 26, 2006

06/26/06 – Highland, MI

Woke up around noon and headed back towards Highland… had a hankering for Circus Circus pizza… so I grabbed a pie and headed home.  I spent […]
June 25, 2006

06/25/06 – Madison Heights, MI

Jenny wasn’t feeling great last night so once we finally settled to sleep, we slept in until Noon-ish.  We made our way back to her house […]
June 24, 2006

06/24/06 – Windsor, Ontario / Highland, MI

It was a beautiful day out today… so Jenny & I headed over to Canada and had a picnic on the shore of the Canadian / […]
June 23, 2006

06/23/06 – Madison Heights, MI

Did some work around the house today and headed out around 4pm to Jenny’s house..  We had intended on going to the park or batting cages […]
June 22, 2006

06/22/06 – Lansing, MI

Jenny & I headed to Lansing this evening to catch my friend Brian Vander Ark… by the way, he just released a GREAT new album “Angel, […]