July 6, 2006

07/06/06 – Highland, MI

It was a work day at home… finally back at it from vacation up north.  Got some good work done.  I headed over to Jenny’s around […]
July 5, 2006

07/05/06 – Highland, MI

Slept in which was nice… spent the day working on Ashton Allen tour stuff and getting back in gear.. I worked on rebuilding the street team.  […]
July 4, 2006

07/04/06 – Alanson, MI – Highland, MI (travel back home)

Got up around 9:30-10 again and went to breakfast w/ my mom, sister, & Jenny.  Then got back and headed out on the boat and met […]
July 3, 2006

07/03/06 – Alanson, MI

We woke up and had a quick bite of breakfast… the lake was calling and I took Jenny out on the jet ski… Not sure why […]
July 2, 2006

07/02/06 – Alanson, MI

Jenny & I made some breakfast and then we all went out on the lake (me, Jenny, parents, & my Aunt Melanie & Uncle George). We met […]
July 1, 2006

07/01/06 – Alanson, MI

Woke up at about 9:30am… Since we’re having a few days up north here on the beautiful lake.. we’re making it a point to not sleep […]
June 30, 2006

06/30/06 – Highland, MI – Alanson, MI (travel to up north)

Today was busy packing and stating to get things ready to go up north today… Jenny was at work while I did my laundry and ran […]
June 29, 2006

06/29/06 – Ann Arbor, MI (Shawn Mullins / Clay Cook, Ari Hest concert)

My good friend Clay Cook has been touring as part of a duo with Shawn Mullins and their tour brought them to Ann Arbor today.  I haven’t seen […]
June 28, 2006

06/28/06 – Madison Heights, MI

Today I took care of some phone calls today and headed towards Jenny’s. I got to her hour about an hour before she got home, so […]