January 28, 2006

01/28/06 – Tour Update – Chicago / Deer Park IL

We rolled into Chicago at about 2am and set up camp with a friend of ours for the night.. we slept until 11 or so and […]
January 27, 2006

01/27/06 – Tour Update – E. Lansing/Lansing MI

Jenny and I bid our temporary farewell at 11:30am… Ashton and I headed down to Wayne State in Detroit for a radio interview taping with WDET. We then […]
January 26, 2006

01/26/06 – Tour Update – Royal Oak/Ann Arbor MI

Home, sweet home!  I woke up at 9am today IN MY OWN BED!!  Such a great feeling. Jenny and I went out to Farmer Jack, then […]
January 25, 2006

01/25/06 – Tour Update – Youngstown/Toledo OH

We woke up in Youngstown OH to snow… it was pretty snowy but we forged ahead for our 12pm in-store.. small crowd but fun..  we then […]
January 24, 2006

01/24/06 – Tour Update – Homestead/Pittsburgh PA

So we had a 260 mile drive between this morning and our 7pm in-store.. We awoke and headed out at 1pm.. Had some crappy food at […]
January 23, 2006

01/23/06 – Tour Update – Hackensack NJ / Wilkes-Barre PA

Woke up to snow on the ground in NJ here… ventured over for our 12pm in-store in Hackensack.. nice folks, small crowd.. I was on the […]
January 22, 2006

01/22/06 – Tour Update – Clifton NJ

So we awoke and had breakfast in downtown Philadelphia before we headed out of town…  then we made our way out to Clifton NJ. This store […]
January 21, 2006

01/21/06 – Tour Update – Wilmington DE / North Wales PA

Today was a sleeper… meaning WE GOT TO SLEEP IN!  So great.. I woke up at noon.. went to the Sasafras Market around the corner here […]
January 20, 2006

01/20/06 – Tour Update – Baltimore MD / Exton PA

What a crazy busy day today was… woke up and made it to WTMD in Towson MD by noon where Ashton taped a radio interview/performance.  We then […]