August 13, 2005

8/13/05 – Tour Update – Marietta GA (day off)

did some work online and had dinner with some friends… then made my way down to the Atlantis Music Conference after party with the crew… had […]
August 12, 2005

8/12/05 – Tour Update – Columbus GA

we played a GREAT venue in Columbus GA called The Loft with our friends The Rewinds, Hotel, and John Ralston.. Such fun was had and a […]
August 12, 2005

8/11/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA

Big Sky played the Atlantis Music Conference many a time… and tonight, Ashton played @ Velvet Underground as part of Livewire Recordings’ showcase… with The Rewinds, […]
August 11, 2005

8/10/05 – Tour Update – Alpharetta GA (day off)

Awoke in a haze after crashing at my old place…. and it was a busy busy day… did some admin work, went and found the box […]
August 10, 2005

8/09/05 – Tour Update – Gainesville FL

Today was super busy… we awoke and visited two retail stores in Orlando… both of whom I have had a great relationship with from my Sony […]
August 8, 2005

8/08/05 – Tour Update – Sanford FL (day off)

Today was a chill day… mailed some CDs off, did some internet work… I met with my friend Elana and we went and saw Charlie & […]
August 7, 2005

8/07/05 – Tour Update – Sanford FL (day off)

so i’m here staying with a friend in Sanford FL… today was travel day up here… we’re off today and tomorrow… i have a bit of […]
August 7, 2005

8/06/05 – Tour Update – Boynton Beach FL

What a cool venue and people that the Red Lion pub held… Steve, Keith, and Earl were some of the nicest folks that we’ve come across […]
August 6, 2005

8/05/05 – Tour Update – Miami FL

Today was a busy day…. first was a really cool on-air radio performance and interview on the University of Miami’s college radio station 90.5 WVUM Ashton […]