July 5, 2005

I’m leaving town tomorrow…

as the great Big Sky song states… “I’m leaving town tomorrow.” Thursday, July 7th, I embark for a long tour, tour managing singer/songwriter Ashton Allen. We’ll […]
June 24, 2005

Hitting the road with Ashton Allen

Hey all….  so in 3 hours, I’ll be on my way with Ashton Allen to Nashville to begin the first few shows of his tour….  Nashville tonight, […]
June 15, 2005

250! New Pic!!

So I just posted a new pic… me sittin at 250 lbs…and shrinking…  im feeling great… Worked tonight w/ Ashton on his merchandise… i’m excited to hit […]
June 15, 2005


Hello all… in conjunction with their management… I just launched the myspace page for THE VERVE PIPE. yep… the band that brought you ‘the freshmen’ ‘photograph’ […]
June 14, 2005


I have officially hit the 75 pound mark!  now at 252 pounds…   This past Sunday i bought a Def Leppard shirt… decided to get XL and […]
June 13, 2005


So tonight i saw Def Leppard @ Music Midtown in Atlanta….  they were the only band i really wanted to see… so a friend was able […]
June 8, 2005

72 pounds lost to date!

So i just stepped off the scale…. weighed in at 255!! this means i have lost 72 pounds to date!  i’m stoked! so nothing much else new […]
June 5, 2005

Tour Managing for Ashton Allen, plus more post-surgery updates

ok so I typed a VERY long blog and i lost it all… so here is the abbreviated version… As of July, I will be touring […]
April 28, 2005

On The Mend

So it’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since my gastric bypass surgery…. ive lost 36 pounds and feeling better and better by the day…. Thanks […]