October 8, 2005

10/08/05 – Tour Update – Boynton Beach FL

Woke up today to the tune of my BRAND NEW lap top not working… the monitor is out… sooo i have to take it to Orlando […]
October 7, 2005

10/07/05 – Tour Update – Lake City FL

We rolled into Lake City at about 5pm and met Tammy & John over at Marion Street Cafe.  They, so kindly, took us out to dinner […]
October 6, 2005

10/06/05 – Tour Update – Gainesvile FL

Woke up to a phone call from Rashon… apparently there were some issues w/ the health inspector getting to the Purple Porpoise (now called Midtown) there […]
October 5, 2005

10/05/05 – Tour Update – Ocala FL

Got some much needed sleep and awoke around 11am at T.O.D.’s place…  did some emails and work around the house. We left at 4:30 to head […]
October 4, 2005

10/04/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL

We rolled into Jacksonville FL at about 3am and fell fast asleep.  We had to be at WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville at 7:30am for a […]
October 3, 2005

10/03/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (video shoot: day 3)

We finished shooting “Better Than I Know” today with some scenes at a park in Alpharetta GA…  wrapped the entire shoot at about 12:30pm and headed […]
October 2, 2005

10/02/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (video shoot: day 2)

Arrived in Midtown Atlanta at 6am (after an hour and a half sleep)… the restaurant (Shout) that the Performance footage was shot is beautiful.  The room […]
October 1, 2005

10/01/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (video shoot: day 1)

We got back to Atlanta about 3am… and we had to be on location today at 7am to start filming Ashton’s video.   the video is for […]
September 30, 2005

9/30/05 – Tour Update – Chattanooga TN

Today I ran some errands around town.  Ashton picked me up around 3pm and we left for the NACA conference in Chattanooga TN. NACA’s where you […]