January 19, 2006

01/19/06 – Tour Update – Washington DC

Rolled into town.. not feeling too hot today… but we had two fun in-stores in Washington DC… one in downtown.. not terribly far from the White […]
January 18, 2006

01/18/06 – Tour Update – Richmond VA

Ashton performed on the CBS-6 WTVR Richmond VA tv station today.. Interviewed by Cheryl Miller… she and the entire staff were incredible!!  Thanks so much to […]
January 17, 2006

01/17/06 – Tour Update – Hampton / Virginia Beach VA

We slid into town and did our 5pm in-store.. it was a slow day but fun.. we then headed over to our Virginia Beach in-store… where […]
January 16, 2006

01/16/06 – Tour Update – Raleigh NC

Set up camp here in Raleigh… hung with our friend Chris from Weekend Excursion… it was a slow day in Raleigh but we saw some friends […]
January 15, 2006

01/15/06 – Tour Update – Winston-Salem / Durham NC

We rolled out of Columbia in the late morning and headed towards Winston-Salem & Durham.. a fun time was had.. but we had an 85 mile […]
January 14, 2006

01/14/06 – Tour Update – Savannah GA / Columbia SC

Today was so busy… and traffic was bad  on our way up I-95… we rolled into Savannah GA and set up and played…  and we had […]
January 13, 2006

01/13/06 – Tour Update – Orlando FL

What a great show last night was… though I woke up today in Mt. Dora FL and am feeling a bit ill.. i think its the […]
January 12, 2006

01/12/06 – BILLY JOEL CONCERT – Tampa FL

So… my first time seeing Billy Joel in almost 3 years and my first time seeing him w/o Elton John in nearly 8 years…  and wow […]
January 12, 2006

01/12/06 – Tour Update – Clearwater/Tampa FL

another busy day as we had 2 more in-stores… My old friend Jerry Garland came out to the St. Pete in-store as did our friend Shell […]