January 12, 2006

01/12/06 – Tour Update – Clearwater/Tampa FL

another busy day as we had 2 more in-stores… My old friend Jerry Garland came out to the St. Pete in-store as did our friend Shell […]
January 11, 2006

01/11/06 – Tour Update – Sarasota FL

Today was easily the busiest day so far of the tour..  We left North Miami Beach at 8:30am for a 12:30 radio interview in Punta Gorda […]
January 10, 2006

01/10/06 – Tour Update – Miami FL

Today we only had one in-store… so we slept a bit (finally) and met our friend Annie for a late lunch.. she’s really supportive and just […]
January 9, 2006

01/09/06 – Tour Update – Fort Lauderdale FL

We had lunch with our friend Pam today in West Palm..  then headed over to Boca Raton for in-store #1.  We got there and Ashton did […]
January 8, 2006

01/08/06 – Tour Update – Boynton Beach FL

So we did two in-stores today in Boynton Beach & West Palm Beach FL… good crowds and a lot of fun.. my good friend Joeleen came […]
January 7, 2006

01/07/06 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL

we LOVE Jacksonville!  the crowd was so great…  so many old friends and fans came out… Meg and Melissa (HAPPY BIRTHDAY … a day early) The […]
January 6, 2006

01/06/06 – Tour Update – Columbus GA

Tonight was a blast.. the entire staff at the Columbus Barnes & Noble were great… we had a really good crowd including a girl named Ashton […]
January 5, 2006

01/05/06 – Tour Update – Athens GA

We did in-store #3 in Athens tonight… UGA wasn’t back in session yet so the crowd was thin.. though everybody who sat and watched picked up […]
January 4, 2006

01/04/06 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA

That’s right… I’m back on tour! I finished packing up at 4:15am and booked it to the airport to fly out on tome (6am) I flew […]