February 6, 2006

02/06/06 – Highland MI

I awoke at 5am.. groggy and excited.. Showered and packed my things… I woke Lisa out of her sleep so she could drop me off at […]
February 5, 2006

02/05/06 – Atlanta GA

So I woke up at about noon to my friend Kathryn calling… yeah not enough sleep.. but she and her boyfriend took me out to Lunch […]
February 4, 2006

02/04/06 – Atlanta GA

I woke up at 11am today… had to get to the bank to tie up some ends before i headed off to MI on Monday..  and […]
February 3, 2006

02/03/06 – Tour Update – Hoover AL – Last show of the tour!

The last day of the tour… we stayed just north of Birmingham last night and decided to make the last day on tour relaxing… so we […]
February 2, 2006

02/02/06 – Tour Update – Brentwood TN

So last night after I posted my blog.. I dumped a bucked of ice water on my bed… and since there was only one person on […]
February 1, 2006

02/01/06 – Tour Update – Louisville KY

Today was show number 51… and I’m in a great mood.. the tour has been great, vacation is soon upon me, and so is seeing Jenny […]
January 31, 2006

01/31/06 – Tour Update – Columbia / St. Louis MO

Woke up today in Columbia MO… not feeling too hot but took some sinus meds to get me back going… all systems go! We head to […]
January 30, 2006

01/30/06 – Tour Update – Kansas City MO

We had a long drive last night to Liberty / Kansas City.. so we slept in until about noon and made our way to the radio show in […]
January 29, 2006

01/29/06 – Tour Update – Davenport / Cedar Rapids IA

So I’ve never been to Iowa before… and didn’t know what to expect…  both in-stores today went very well and had a great crowd. I woke […]