September 18, 2006

09/18/06 – Tour Update – Chicago, IL

Since we booked this Schubas show, I’ve been very much anticipating it. We shared the bill with two friends of mine who are both incredible… Brian […]
September 17, 2006

09/17/06 – Tour Update – Elgin / Schaumburg, IL (day off)

Ashton dropped Devin and I off at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL to spend the day… we parted ways early and I ended up hanging […]
September 16, 2006

09/16/06 – Tour Update – Elgin, IL (travel day)

We had no show today.. but the travel up to the Chicago area seemed to take forever..   Bret took off for the weekend to visit with […]
September 15, 2006

09/15/06 – Tour Update – Springfield, IL

Another gig day!  We rolled into Springfield, IL around 3:30pm and checked into the Hilton.. yes, the Hilton.  We were playing at the Underground City Tavern […]
September 14, 2006

09/14/06 – Tour Update – Indianapolis, IN (travel day)

Indianapolis was only 180 miles, so we were there by 3pm which was GREAT.  Settled into the Days Inn.  We headed out to the mall to […]
September 13, 2006

09/13/06 – Tour Update – Columbus, OH (travel day)

We hit the road for the 2nd long haul of the week.. about 400 miles to Columbus, OH.  The guys stayed at a hotel in Columbus, […]
September 12, 2006

09/12/06 – Tour Update – Henrietta, NY (travel day)

Today was a long day…  I picked up some final touches for Jenny’s birthday gift and sent them out to her.  we grabbed our usual lunch […]
September 11, 2006

09/11/06 – Tour Update – Portsmouth, NH

Spent the better part of the afternoon driving up to Portsmouth, NH. One of the highlights of the trip was that Ashton & I listened to […]
September 10, 2006

09/10/06 – Tour Update – New York, NY

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what to do with my life post-tour.  I know 2 things.. It will involve my lovely girlfriend whom […]