May 6, 2006

05/06/06 – Tour Update – St. Petersburg, FL (Duncan Sheik show)

Today was the big show.. we loaded in at 3:30pm for the Duncan Sheik show….  I’d been to the State Theatre once before, for a Riddlin’ […]
May 5, 2006

05/05/06 – Tour Update – Orlando, FL

Cinco de Mayo…  I’ve never ‘partied’ on Cinco de Mayo.. then again, I’m not a partier. We played a new venue for us in Orlando…  Natura […]
May 4, 2006

05/04/06 – Tour Update – Jacksonville, FL

Today is my dad’s birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Rolled into Jacksonville… great to start the tour in a familiar city. got in and loaded in… no […]
May 3, 2006

05/03/06 – Alpharetta, GA (day off)

Did some more work and prep for the tour…. Advanced the first 10 days of shows on the tour…. Had dinner w/ my friend Marlise and […]
May 2, 2006

05/02/06 – Alpharetta, GA (day off)

Nothing to report much today… Slept in until 12-1 or so… sent some e-mails… Ashton & I ran out to grab food around 4pm and then […]
May 1, 2006

05/01/06 – Alpharetta, GA (day off)

I didn’t get to sleep until around 6ish AM.. so I promptly slept in until 3:30pm… I got showered and dressed and we were out the […]
April 30, 2006

04/30/06 – Highland, MI to Atlanta, GA (travel day)

Jenny & I woke up at 11am and started the day… we went to KMart & Wal*Mart to find a bathing suit for me as well […]
April 29, 2006

04/29/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

Woke up early for a Saturday (9:30)… Today was my cousin Kristin’s wedding (whom I haven’t seen in a few years)… anywho… I still didn’t have […]
April 28, 2006

04/28/06 – Highland / Detroit / Madison Heights, MI (day off)

I woke up at noon and did some myspace work and caught up on some emails… I drove around and picked up some food and came […]