July 29, 2005

7/28/05 – Tour Update – Riverview FL

So a good part of the day was spent at T-Mobile, battling with them about the crappy-ass phone they sold me 3 weeks ago when i […]
July 28, 2005

7/27/05 – Tour Update – St. Petersburg FL

Played an interesting little place in St. Pete called Cafe Adagio… much love and thanks to Cathy, Shell, Jane, and Chelsea for comin out to the […]
July 27, 2005

7/26/05 – Tour Update – Ocala FL

Played a great room called Tin’s Cup tonight…. cool vibe… small crowd but everybody else was really into it… not much else today….. going to crash […]
July 25, 2005

7/25/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL (Day Off)

Just got home from a movie… Ashton, Jackie, T.O.D. and I went and saw Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory…. it was very strange, but I […]
July 25, 2005

7/24/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL (Day Off)

So today was our first of the two days off this week.. We headed to TOD’s house in Jacksonville and crashed…. spent Sunday making calls, trying […]
July 24, 2005

7/23/05 – Tour Update – Tallahassee FL

A double header in Tallahassee today! We woke up back in the Navarre/Pensacola area and went for a swim with the girls… had a blast and […]
July 23, 2005

7/22/05 – Tour Update – Pensacola FL

So lemme first continute my blog from last night….. While Ashton was trying to connect at the hotel, somehow his computer dialed 911… so 20 minutes […]
July 22, 2005

7/21/05 – Tour Update – Mobile AL

Left Atlanta about 3pm for Mobile…. watched Family Guy and Billy Joel live @ Yankee Stadium on the new DVD player on the car ride down! […]
July 21, 2005

7/20/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (Day Off)

Today was filled with a Dr. appointment and some meetings at Livewire with Ashton. Today was very exciting as I was fortunate to listen to Ashton’s […]