August 5, 2005

8/04/05 – Tour Update – West Palm Beach FL

“Listen To The Rain” Ashton and I return to one of Big Sky’s favorite all time venue’s. The city of West Palm Beach FL holds an […]
August 4, 2005

8/03/05 – Tour Update – Oakland Park FL

Played a venue that my friend Jesse Young plays often called Alligator Alley. Its close to Fort Lauderdale. Had some good friends come out to hang […]
August 2, 2005

8/02/05 – Tour Update – Sunny Isles Beach FL (day off)

Busy day… we visited 3 record stores in Miami today… and then did a ton of administrative work…. days off are really not days off… just […]
August 2, 2005

8/01/05 – Tour Update – Sunny Isles Beach FL (day off)

Hanging with Ashton and our friend Neil… got to town at about 6pm, watched a tad bit of TV and had some grub… then followed it […]
July 31, 2005

7/31/05 – Tour Update – Naples FL

So there isn’t much to say about the Naples gig… i’ll leave it at that…. however we did meet a really cool girl named Chelsea! The […]
July 31, 2005

7/30/05 – Tour Update – Indian Rocks Beach FL (day off)

Today, we woke up from a great night in Lake City… today we didn’t have a gig, but we spent the afternoon visitng some Tampa Bay […]
July 30, 2005

7/29/05 – Tour Update – Lake City FL

The BEST vibe so far on the tour….. we arrived at about 6:15pm and loaded in… met everybody at Marion Street Cafe… Soundchecked and did the […]
July 29, 2005

7/28/05 – Tour Update – Riverview FL

So a good part of the day was spent at T-Mobile, battling with them about the crappy-ass phone they sold me 3 weeks ago when i […]
July 28, 2005

7/27/05 – Tour Update – St. Petersburg FL

Played an interesting little place in St. Pete called Cafe Adagio… much love and thanks to Cathy, Shell, Jane, and Chelsea for comin out to the […]