February 23, 2006

02/23/06 – Highland MI

Had the final appointment w/ my plastic surgeon… all set for my tummy tuck Monday AM!  then headed to the hospital for the pre-op testing / blood tests, […]
February 22, 2006

02/22/06 – Highland MI

Jenny headed home, still not feeling well at 3pm and i did some Ashton work, getting ready for his college shows this week. My mom helped […]
February 21, 2006

02/21/06 – Highland MI

Jenny is sick and called into work.. she headed home to go to the Dr..  turns out she has a sinus infection… no fun!  I spent […]
February 20, 2006

02/20/06 – Highland MI

Came back home around noon.. and did some work.. Had a money discussion with the fam which wasn’t fun, Jenny came over and we had some […]
February 19, 2006

02/19/06 – Madison Heights MI

We slept in today and then headed up to PetsMart for a collar for Jenny’s cat… then off to her Grandma’s on the Eastside where we […]
February 18, 2006

02/18/06 – Highland MI

Slept in a bit and relaxed in bed for a while.. I have my surgery date!!  Monday February 27th at 7:30am!! Jenny headed home at about […]
February 17, 2006

02/17/06 – Detroit MI

We woke up at about 9am and had a quick breakfast… we went down to the Detroit Science Center and saw an IMAX film and the […]
February 16, 2006

02/16/06 – Highland MI

I had a consultation appointment w/ a Plastic Surgeon today…  I”m going to be having a tummy tuck very soon I hope!   I headed down to […]
February 15, 2006

02/15/06 – Highland MI

Left Madison Heights at 12:30 and ran some errands on the way home… spent today working on Ashton’s Admin stuff and put off cleaning my room… […]