September 10, 2006

09/10/06 – Tour Update – New York, NY

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what to do with my life post-tour.  I know 2 things.. It will involve my lovely girlfriend whom […]
September 9, 2006

09/09/06 – Tour Update – Boston, MA

We hit some horrible traffic and got a tad lost on our way into Boston which put us at the club an hour and a half […]
September 8, 2006

09/08/06 – Tour Update – West Reading, PA

We didn’t need to leave Philly until 3:30pm so I had the day to myself to walk around the city… Philadelphia remains one of my favorite cities in […]
September 7, 2006

09/07/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA

Got into to Philly in the mid-late afternoon just in time to load into World Cafe Live.  We played this incredible room.  The amazing staff were […]
September 6, 2006

09/06/06 – Tour Update – State College, PA

Headed out of Charlottesville and finally got some grub at Cracker Barrel… I needed it bad..  today we made our way thru the mountains to State […]
September 5, 2006

09/05/06 – Tour Update – Charlottesville, VA

Got up around 10:30am and checked out of the hotel to pick Bret up… both Micah and Devin were meeting us at the club.  We made […]
September 4, 2006

09/04/06 – Tour Update – Richmond, VA (day off)

Slept in until somewhere around the 1:45-2pm hour and then ran out to get some lunch with Ashton and race back to watch the Final round […]
September 3, 2006

09/03/06 – Tour Update – Richmond, VA (day off)

Woke up at about 10:30 and ran some errands around town with Ashton. Then headed back to the hotel to catch up on a lot of admin […]
September 2, 2006

09/02/06 – Tour Update – Annville, PA

We chased the tail end of Tropical Depression Ernesto up into Annville. Had some time to kill today so I ran some errands at Wal Mart […]