February 14, 2006

02/14/06 – Madison Heights MI

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! So today was a wonderful day…  I met Jenny at her house and we headed over to Como’s for a Pizza dinner.. It […]
February 13, 2006

02/13/06 – Highland MI

Today was a work day.. more Street Team organizing and hanging at home…  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.. and will mark only the 2nd time in my life […]
February 12, 2006

02/12/06 – Madison Heights MI

Jenny and I slept in today and I made us a late breakfast.. we stayed in all day and just relaxed and hung out… we then […]
February 11, 2006

02/11/06 – Madison Heights MI

Today was so awesome… we spent the day visiting all the houses and apartments that Jenny lived in through her life.. it was such a really […]
February 10, 2006

02/10/06 – Madison Heights MI

I drove down to Madison Heights today to spend the weekend with Jenny… I got there at about 5:30 and met up with her we ventured […]
February 9, 2006

02/09/06 – Highland MI

I think I’m going through a ‘post-tour depression’ phase… In between the ‘touring’ mode and ‘normal life mode’  i’m feeling blah and lethargic… it happens every […]
February 8, 2006

03/08/06 – Highland, MI

Cabin Fever continuing i drove around White Lake & Milford for a while and went to some stores..  grabbed some breakfast at the Coney Island. Ashton […]
February 8, 2006

02/08/06 – Highland MI

Spent today assembling the framework of Ashton Allen’s Street Team… very exciting… also importing Billy Joel videos to make into DVDs…  It’s been a quiet day… nothing […]
February 7, 2006

02/07/06 – Highland MI

Jen had to work today.. so we got up at 5:10am and she headed home.. and I, back to bed… I woke up at about 11am […]